Melinda Lentz

Melinda goes above and beyond for her Students, Everyday!

- Melinda Lentz - School Kitchen Manager - MIS

Jazmin Zuniga

Ms. Jazmin Zuniga is an MHS Class of 2018 alum. When she started kindergarten, she only spoke Spanish. She learned quickly and even served as a translator for Mrs. Wilson when she was in 2nd grade! As a 1st Gen HS/College Grad, today she is a 1st Gd Teacher at MPS!

- Jazmin Zuniga - 1st Grade Teacher - MPS

Alyssa Mullins

This is Ms. Mullins’s 2nd year teaching at MES. She is a shining light on her team and a wonderful teacher that builds meaningful relationships with her students and families.

- Alyssa Mullins - 2nd Grade Teacher - MES

Tiffany Brown

I have boy/girl twins that are starting their freshman year of college. Caden is attending ATU and Cambry is attending UA. I also have a dog, Cash, and a tabby cat, Dolly. I love that I get the opportunity to teach my students about the history of our wonderful country!

- Tiffany Brown - American History Teacher -MJHS